First things first, create or upload your existing contacts to TextExpress. To upload contacts ensure the list is formatted as the sample list provided and save it as a CSV file. Once upload is complete you are ready to get started.

Make sure your customers OPT-IN to receive useful information from you. 

Telecom laws and business best practices require that you get permission to text your customers. We protect our clients’ interests and ensure that their privacy is protected while delivering valuable information immediately.

Contact us to learn more about our performance based programs with 100% rebates to continue to bring in new and repeat customers to your business.
Create your first message or schedule multiple messages for the future. Creating a message is quick and easy. Simply enter the copy and select a date and time.
Review the campaign, send and start connecting with your members in seconds.

We believe in developing technology that provides real value, we know that we've done our job when yours becomes a whole lot easier.